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...hol és kiktől kell megtanulnunk, mi is az a szólás- és véleményszabadság.

A klímaváltozást tagadó német Naomi Seibtet a német hatóságok börtönnel, a YouTube meg fiókjának megszüntetésével fenyegetik.

Monckton: German officials threaten Naomi Seibt with prison for 'denialism'

The response to our appeal for Naomi Seibt has been splendid - but more of us need to help her, because the State Media Authority in North Rhine Westphalia, in the hope of interfering with Naomi's right to post YouTube videos critical of the Party Line on climate, have menaced her not only with two enormous fines and two sets of costs but also with prison.

Conservative Group Funds "Anti-Greta," A German Climate Change Denier And YouTuber | News Break

Naomi Seibt is a 19-year-old blogger and, by law, an adult. She is becoming known on YouTube as the "anti-Greta," because her videos are about "climate alarmism" and assuring viewers that the Everything Is Fine here on Earth.

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